Manage availability, rates and reservations across multiple platforms in one calendar, adjust inventory automatically and multiply efficiency.

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Auto Blocking

Reservations from different platforms in the same property are brought together in a single calendar and synchronized in real time. Reservations can be freely moved and edited locally without the need to modify the platform's reservations.

When there is a new reservations, the calendar of other platforms will be automatically blocked.

Support Room Types, easily manage multiple inventory

Multiple rooms can be created as room types, and your room inventory will be synchronized with the inventory of rooms on the platform/OTA platform in real time.

With Hostex's integrated interface with Airbnb, you can set your Airbnb listings to multiple inventory.

Rates Calendar

The rates calendar is designed separately from the availability calendar, making it easy to see the rates, channel side availability and inventory for each listing on different platforms.

Batch Rates Modify

Select several different properties, room types; select one continuous or multiple discontinuous dates; select several different platforms and set rates in one operation.

Hourly Reservation

Multiple hourly reservations and one overnight reservation can be created per date and easily viewed and managed via the calendar.

Reservations Management

The standalone reservation management interface provides both general and data views and a variety of filtering methods. You can retrieve historical reservations and analyze the data with ease.