Streamline your short-term rentals with automation.

Integrated with mainstream platforms. Automated tools and team accounts make managing large numbers of properties a snap.

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Interact with your guests at all times, day and night.

Deep learning-based smart replies and automation tools keep your guests taken care of at all times. And it never rests.

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Automated messaging

  • AI question recognition & response.
  • Keyword matching and fallback responses.
  • Automatically contact guests at key points.
  • Use canned response to reply at light speed.
  • Talk to guests from multiple platforms in one place.

Review management

  • Unified review management.
  • Automatically review your guest.
  • Review analytics.
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Integrated with top platforms.

We integrate with the most major platforms through APIs. And with iCal you can sync with dozens of platforms.

Purple Slice

Manage multiple platforms at one place.

Synchronize calendar, price, reservations, messages and reviews across platforms and accounts.

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Manage multiple accounts as easy as one

  • Two-way synchronization, say goodbye to double-bookings.
  • Use room type to enable multi-inventory listing for Airbnb and work together with room type, etc.
  • Create direct bookings on the true physical calendar.
  • Easily add hourly bookings.
  • Move reservation on calendar as you like without affecting the platform-side data.
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Blue Slice
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Edit price as easy as it can be

  • Stand-alone price calendar.
  • View & edit the price and inventory directly.
  • Bulk price editing, one operation is enough.
  • Change price by percentage or difference.
  • Automated pricing.

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Get ready to automated your works. No hidden fess, no credit card required

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Everyone on the team has a role to play.

Whether you are a manager or a cleaner, everyone has their own roles and permissions.

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Green Slice

Team account for system user

You can create team accounts and assign roles with different functions, assign properties to team accounts and divide the scope of management for each member. All work always goes hand in hand.

Task management for service staff

You can assign tasks to your staff and all tasks are well organized both on your side and your staff’s side. Task can be automatically created according to an expected check-out.

Task and cost statistics

The number and cost of tasks will be recorded to keep every expense in mind.

Loved by hosts

Hostex is a user-friendly PMS with very good automation tools. We have been able to move from manual work to a whole world of automation.

Fannie Summers
Rebecca Anderson

Hostex saves our time, and makes us work more efficiently! We have increased our exposure enormously and we are generating numbers like never before. I couldn't work anymore without Hostex.

Robert Fox
Horacio O

Hostex is a perfect property management system for short-term rentals, but what is really a pleasant surprise was its auto-messaging. I totally recommend it!

Annette Black
Leila Coleman

My personal experience with Hostex has only been positive. You can manage multiple properties from different platforms at once with ease! I hope this software can do better and better.

Jerome Bell
Stuart Jerome

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Albert Flores
Albert Flores
Medical Center patient

Hostex has all the necessary features to manage multiple properties across OTA. Real-time sync between calendars on different channels, not worry about double bookings anymore!

Jenny Wilson
Faith Stanley

I have been using this PMS for almost 2 years, and it's great with its brand new version. I'm in love with the new app, a multitude of automation to manage my hosting. Nothing to envy to others programs, and the most recommended thing is that this software is completely free.

Cameron Williamson
Dexter McGeown

Hostex keeps availabilities uniform on all booking websites automatically, so we don’t have to stay on top of those tedious work manually anymore. The Multicalendar gives us a great overview of past, current and future bookings, prices, and tasks.

Cameron Williamson
Paul Lategan

Great software for my b&b rentals to grow the business and sync all the channels. I no longer have to hop back and forth from different websites, I just need to open Hostex to manage all my listings.

Cameron Williamson
Matthew Wang

I would love to recommend Hostex to my close friends who are short-term rental owners because it really is very easy to use. With Hostex's series of robust features, it can help me save a lot of labor costs.

Cameron Williamson
John Garcia

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