Let your guests know you better, and you know your guests even betterer.

Automatically collect and merge guest information from different platforms, with the ability to filter and edit them.

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Green Slice
Check-in guide

Send check-in guide to your guests without a click.

Every booking reservation with a check-in guide which tells the guest where your property is located, what the wifi password is, and collects the guest's documents, expected arrival time and even automatically generates the door lock passcode (use with smart door lock).

Guest management

Always know how many times your guests have come, regardless of where they are booked from.

Automatically record every guest from reservations, merge duplicated ones, identify every individual guest. You can not only view your guests and filter them by number of stays, age and city, but also free to create, edit or export your guest data.

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Purple Slice

Pay less, get more!

Get ready to automated your works. No hidden fess, no credit card required

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