All-in-one PMS

Streamline your short-term rental business with all-in-one efficiency

Integrated with mainstream platforms. Automated tools and team accounts make managing large numbers of properties a snap.


From booking to check-out, let your business go on autopilot.

Auto messaging

Engage in automated conversations, stay connected with your guests.

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AI bots respond to guests 7x24
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Automatically contact guests at key points
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Automatically review your guests
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HostGPT automatic response generation











Time Savings







Increase in Booking Conversions
Feature ToolFeature Tool
Feature ToolFeature Tool
check-in guide

Built-in check-in guide automates the check-in process.

Collect guest information and share check-in instructions with guests without the need for third-party tools.

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Automatically send check-in guide link to guests
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Collect identification photos and secure deposit
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Provide check-in instructions and map navigation
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Automatically generate and share door lock codes
task automation

Never miss a cleaning task again with automated task management.

A mobile HTML page is designed for your staff to view tasks, change task status, upload photos and write feedback.

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Automatic creation and assignment of cleaning tasks
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Email notifications and reminders for cleaning tasks
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Ability for cleaners to send image and text feedback
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Task statistics and cost calculation
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Integration with the most essential  platforms and tools.

Smart pricing tool integration

Integration with PriceLabs and Rategenie for automatic pricing adjustments and minimum stay adjustments.

Smart lock integration

Integration with dozens of door lock brands or platforms such as August, Yale, TTlock, etc.

Top booking platforms

Integration with multiple platforms including Airbnb,, Vrbo, Expedia, Agoda, Google VR, etc.

Payment tool integration

Integration with Stripe and Paypal for collecting room fees and deposits from guests.

booking site

Create your own booking site and save on commissions.

Browse, inquire, book, and pay - all taken care of.

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Fully synchronize with Hostex, live chat with your guests
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Integration with Google Vacation Rentals, Stripe and PayPal
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Customizable pages and the ability to create extra pages
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Custom domain name
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Embeddable booking widget
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No additional charges
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More features

Multi-calendar & Unified inbox

Manage calendars, bookings, messages, and reviews from multiple platforms in one place.

Room type management

Comprehensive support for managing room types for hotel-like properties, including the ability to enable multiple inventory for Airbnb listings.

Dedicated price calendar

View the prices of properties across different platforms in a single calendar and make bulk adjustments.

Booking restrictions settings

Support for setting almost all booking restrictions, including minimum stay, closed on arrival and more.

Team account

Allocate a team account to each member of your team and assign roles with specific permissions.

Parent-child property linkage

Synchronization of availability between parent and child properties, resolving the issue of renting out properties as a whole or individually.

Guest management

Automatically collect and merge guest information from various platforms, with filtering and editing capabilities.

Metrics & expense tracking

Effortlessly track and summarize income and expenses, and conveniently export business data.

Loved by hosts

Hostex has saved us so much time and has helped us work more efficiently. Our exposure has increased tremendously and we are seeing numbers like never before. I don't know how we managed before without Hostex!


Matthew Wilson

Hostex is simply amazing! Their PMS is so easy to use and their automation tools have made life so much easier. We went from doing everything manually to a whole new world of automation. Highly recommend to any host looking to simplify their management process.


Rebecca Anderson

Hostex is an excellent property management system for short-term rentals. However, what pleasantly surprised me the most was its auto-messaging feature. I highly recommend it!


Leila Coleman

I've had a consistently positive personal experience with Hostex. It effortlessly allows me to manage multiple properties from various platforms simultaneously. I'm hopeful that this software will continue to improve and exceed expectations.


Stuart Jerome

Hostex provides all the essential features for efficiently managing multiple properties across various OTAs. With its real-time calendar synchronization across different channels, the concern of double bookings is no longer an issue.


Faith Stanley

I have been using Hostex for two years, and I must say, this software is incredible. Their team truly values user feedback, and with each upgrade, they provide even better features. It stands toe-to-toe with other programs, and most importantly, this software is the most cost-effective choice.


Dexter McGeown

Hostex automatically maintains consistent availability across all booking websites, eliminating the need for us to manually manage this tedious task. The Multicalendar feature provides us with a comprehensive overview of past, present, and future bookings, prices, and tasks, making it incredibly convenient.


Paul Lategan

Hostex is really an excellent solution for my b&b rentals, enabling me to effectively grow my business and synchronize across multiple channels. Gone are the days of jumping between different websites; now I can simply open Hostex to efficiently manage all my listings in one place.


Matthew Wang

I would love to recommend Hostex to my closest friends who are also Airbnb owners because it is very easy to use. With a range of powerful features, Hostex has the potential to significantly reduce labor costs for me.


John Garcia

Hostex is the ultimate vacation rental management system I have come across! With its unified inbox, channel manager, AI messages, and pricing tools, it provides everything you need to successfully expand your business.


Daniela W

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