Make better business decisions with Hostex's smart statistics.

You can view or export business data in any aspect you want, as well as record and tally daily income and expenses.

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Green Slice

You’ve got an easy way to see everyday insight of your business.

Your reservations’ amount are sliced by day, and the ADR, AOR, etc. will be calculated based on the data of every slice on the day. Data can be viewed by day/week/month, property, room type, platform, etc in real-time. All the data that can be seen can be exported.

I&E records

Ensure every income and expense you have is captured in your records.

You can record the income and expenditure for each reservation, so it is easy to check whether the room charge is actually received. Free to record different types of daily income and expenses and view your earnings.

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Pay less, get more!

Get ready to automated your works. No hidden fess, no credit card required

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