Everyone on the team has a role to play.

Whether you are a manager or a cleaner, everyone has their own roles and permissions.

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Team account for system user

Create a team account for each member using this system.

You can create team accounts and assign roles with different functions, assign properties to team accounts and divide the scope of management for each member. All work always goes hand in hand.

Task management for service staff

Manage your service staff in an organized manner.

You can assign tasks to your staff and all tasks are well organized both on your side and your staff’s side. Before task starts, the right person will be notified by email at right time. With automation tools, task can be automatically created according to an expected check-out. The number and cost of tasks will be recorded to keep every expense in mind.

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App screen
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Service staff side tool

Service staff need collaboration tool too.

A mobile HTML page is designed for your staff to view tasks, change task status, upload photos and write feedback, you’ll got a notification as long as the task changes. There is also a simple calendar to show when and where the task is.

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