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Frequently Asked Questions

Hostex is an all-in-one App for short-term & vacation rental management.

Hostex direct integrates with top vacation rental channels, such as Airbnb,, Agoda, Vrbo, etc, automates and simplifies the complex daily operational work from availability management to price changing to guest communication to task assignment.

At some point when our products are competitive in the industry, we may charge a fee and would like to receive more support then as well.

Signup to, or download the mobile app from App Store and Google Play, so you can use Hostex for free to manage your vacation rental listings.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you quickly get started with the essential features of Hostex.

1. Connect Channel Accounts to Hostex

2. Set Up Properties or Room Types

3. Link Listings to Hostex

Hostex direct integrates with top vacation rental channels, such as Airbnb,, Agoda, Vrbo, etc.

Hostex supports the management of messages from Airbnb, Agoda,

You can use Hostex's auto-reply feature to quickly resolve guest queries and provide timely assistance to your guests.

Automatic Messages help to send messages to your guests automatically in the smart triggers and the situations you set.

It makes sure that your guests get timely responses when they book or cancel a reservation, or when they check-in and check-out, it will save you tons of time and earn your guests' sympathy.

Inviting your team members to use Hostex is essential because:

  • It optimizes your time and helps you to delegate tasks.
  • It allows you to manage more properties as you will not have to complete all the work alone.

You can add your team members to Hostex to take care of different properties or different tasks.

Hostex boasts a professional cleaning management toolset. It streamlines all cleaning and maintenance activities, regardless of if you outsource them or coordinate your own cleaning team.

You can see the tasks scheduled for each day and their statuses in the Tasks list, and add several cleaners to the system to take care of the cleaning tasks of different properties.

With Hostex, you have much better control over properties listed on multiple vacation rental platforms, since you can easily manage all your transactions and financial data in Hostex's Financial Reporting.

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