Earn 30% Rewards with Hostex’s Referral Program: Invite Friends Today!

Get ready for an incredible opportunity with Hostex – the top-notch vacation rental software trusted by hosts worldwide. Therefore, we’re thrilled to introduce our referral program, designed to reward our amazing users like you for inviting friends to join us.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

Here’s the best part: when you invite a friend to subscribe to Hostex.io, both of you will be rewarded!

As the inviter, you will receive an awesome reward of 30% of your friend’s total spending on Hostex.io within the first 6 months. Hence, this reward can be used as a cash discount towards your future subscription payments.

And your friend will also enjoy a fantastic 20% discount on their subscription.

The referral program automatically enrolls all Hostex users!

Where to get your referral link?

Joining our referral program is a breeze! Just follow these simple steps to start earning fantastic rewards:

  1. Visit Hostex.io, the ultimate vacation rental software.
  2. Click on the Refer Friends button on the subscription page.

Your friends should register using the provided referral link, establishing the connection between you.

How to send the invitation?

You can share your referral link directly, or invite them through a prepared email:

  1. Enter their email address.
  2. Click Send.

How to check the status of your referrals?

In the Referral section, you can find the status of your referrals by getting into My Credit.

Why Participate in the Referral Program?

  1. Earn exciting rewards: Get a fantastic 30% cash discount on your friend’s spending within the first 6 months, making your subscription to this incredible vacation rental software even more rewarding.
  2. Help friends succeed: Share the power of Hostex.io with your friends and hence empowering them to streamline their vacation rental management for success.
  3. Expand our vibrant community: Join forces with hosts from around the world! Moreover, connect, collaborate, and celebrate each other’s achievements.
  4. Effortless participation: With just a few clicks, invite friends using your referral link and hence start reaping the rewards right away.
  5. Enhanced vacation rental experience: Benefit from a thriving community, exceptional support, and continuous platform enhancements as more hosts join Hostex.io.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Join Hostex’s referral program today, and consequently unlock exciting rewards by inviting your friends to subscribe to this outstanding vacation rental software.