Why Does My Airbnb Listing Fail to Pass the Review?

To help create comfortable, reliable stays for guests, Airbnb asks all Hosts to meet some requirements for each of their listings.

When you authorize your Airbnb listings with Hostex, Airbnb will adopt more rigorous auditing criteria to help your listings rank higher and increase the probability of being searched.

Therefore, after you have linked the listings to Hostex, sometimes the listing may show up with the message “Listing amenities don’t meet the requirement”. But you don’t have to worry, this will only affect its management in Hostex, and will not really be paused or suspended.


  • Go to the Properties page of Hostex, and click on “Review details” to check the reason for failure.
  • Go to the Airbnb website to adjust the listing as required.
  • Go back to Hostex and click on “Submit” in “Review details”.