How Do I Make a Property Bookable After Connecting It to Hostex?

When a listing is connected with Hostex, the previously set prices and availability will be reset to 0 by default, and your calendar will be disabled to prevent operation conflicts.

To make it bookable, follow the steps below:

  1. Get to the Price calendar.
  2. Click on any date of a listing’s Rate Plan.
  3. Select the dates that you would like to be available.
  4. Set a price for those dates.
  5. Save your changes.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If your listing has several price plans that rely on the Standard Rate Plan, then you only need to set the price of the Standard Rate Plan, and the other rate plans will automatically change based on it.
  • You only need to set the price properly and no need to change the availability manually.
  • If you followed these steps and the property is still not available, please contact support.

Other things you should know

You may encounter the following problems when connecting to your account.

① Once your account is connected to Hostex, all rate plans for a listing will be loaded and you need to link all these rate plans to the relevant property or room type.

② If some rate plans of the property were not shown in Hostex, it means that these rate plans are not XML authorized, you need to contact your customer manager to enable the XML authorization.

③ Due to’s privacy policy restrictions, reservations created before connecting to Hostex won’t be automatically synchronized with the cancellation status, so if one of them is canceled, you need to contact customer service for assistance.