How to Assign Cleaning Tasks?

You can either manually or automatically assign tasks to your cleaning crew, and they will be able to see the task calendar on their end. This will allow them to easily view which rooms have guests checking out on which days.

To set this up, you’ll need to invite your cleaning crew to join Hostex first, and then follow the instructions below to assign tasks:

Manual task scheduling

  1. Go to the Tasks section in the Dashboard.
  2. Click the + button in the upper right corner to create a new task.
  3. Fill in the task details and click Save.
  4. The cleaners will receive the cleaning task via email.
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Automatic task scheduling

  1. Click on Automated Tasking in the Dashboard.
  2. Click the + button in the upper right corner to create a new task rule.
  3. Select the timing you want to trigger the task.
  4. Fill in the rule details and click Save.
  5. The system will automatically send the cleaning tasks to the cleaners’ Emails according to your settings.
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Automated task notifications are sent 3 days before the checkout date and 10 minutes before checkout time.


  • If the task is created less than 3 days before checkout, a notification will be sent immediately.
  • If the reservation doesn’t have a checkout time, the notification time will be at 12 PM on the checkout date.
  • If you change the Reservation Status Changing Rules to “Relies on manual control” in the settings, the cleaner will only be notified when you manually change a reservation to “Checkout.”

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