Hostex vs Hostaway: Best PMS for Your Vacation Rental

Choosing a reliable short-term rental management software is of utmost importance for Airbnb owners and property managers. A PMS serves as the backbone of your operations, providing the necessary tools and functionalities to efficiently manage and maximize the potential of your vacation rental business.

In this post, we will compare 2 prominent vacation rental management software platforms: Hostex and Hostaway. By examining their features, pricing, and overall performance, we aim to help you make an informed decision and find the PMS that best suits your specific needs.


What is Hostex?

Hostex is an All-in-one vacation rental software that provides a broad range of features, automation tools, and seamless integration with popular booking platforms.

Hostex is one of the most cost-effective short-term rental management software options, specifically designed to streamline operations and maximize revenue for Airbnb hosts and property managers.

What does Hostex do?

Hostex offers several key features that make it a top choice for property managers in need of a comprehensive short-term rental software solution.

1. Seamless integration with OTAs

Hostex integrates with major vacation rental platforms, including Airbnb, Vrbo,, Expedia, Houfy, and Agoda, to streamline your listing management. This allows you to manage all your listings from one place and avoid the hassle of logging into multiple accounts, saving time and increasing productivity for property managers.

2. Real-time calendar management

Hostex’s real-time availability calendars and easy-to-use rate management system help you stay on top of your rental business. You can easily adjust rates and minimum stay requirements, and the calendar automatically updates to reflect any changes you make. This ensures that your guests always have accurate information about your property’s availability and pricing.

3. Automated messaging system

Hostex aggregates guest messages from all channels and uses deep learning AI to automatically identify guests’ inquiries and provide relevant responses. With Hostex’s automated messaging system, Airbnb hosts and property managers can provide quick and high-quality customer service to their guests without the need for additional manual labor, saving time and resources.

Hostex can also send important reminders to guests at key points in their stay, such as booking, check-in, and check-out. These triggered messages can include welcome notes, check-in guides, check-out instructions, and more.

4. Advanced automation tools

Hostex’s automated review feature automatically sends out reviews to guests and aggregates reviews from different channels. Additionally, the feature automatically responds to reviews based on the star rating given by guests.

Hostex’s automated task feature allows property managers to create tasks for their cleaning teams triggered based on reservation check-in or check-out time, and the cleaner receives reminders from the system. Once completed, property managers receive timely feedback.

5. Direct booking site builder

Hostex offers a direct booking website builder specifically designed for vacation rental businesses. Instead of starting from scratch, our website templates simplify the design, organization, and formatting process. You can easily upload your content and pictures and set up connections to booking portals, payment gateways, and more.

6. Google Vacation Rental integration

Hostex allows Airbnb hosts to integrate their listings with Google Vacation Rentals (GVR) for free. This integration expands your reach to a wider audience without any additional costs. With Hostex, you can effortlessly tap into the power of Google Vacation Rentals and enhance your visibility in the market.

7. Reporting and analytics

Hostex provides in-depth data and analytics about your short-term rental business. You can view key performance indicators such as occupancy rates, revenue, and average daily rate. Additionally, you have the option to export the filtered data as an Excel file for further financial analysis.

8. Team collaboration

Hostex has got you covered with its team accounts management feature, allowing you to create custom sub-accounts for your stuff with specific permissions. This means that you can give team members such as customer service reps, accountants, and cleaners access to the features they need to do their job, without giving them access to everything.

9. All-in-one mobile App

Hostex offers a full-featured mobile app that is available on both the App Store and Google Play. The app allows you to manage every aspect of your short-term rental business on your smartphone. From booking management to messaging, pricing, and more, the app provides access to all the essential features found on

How much does Hostex cost?

With Hostex, you can expect clear and straightforward pricing, with monthly fees starting at $4.8 per unit and going as low as $2.6.

Hostex offers a 15-day free trial period, during which you can enjoy unlimited access to all its features. The best part is, that you can explore and utilize the platform without the need to provide any credit card information.

Additionally, there are no hidden fees at all. When you use all the features, no matter the automation tools, or the direct booking website, you don’t have to pay any extra charges.


What is Hostaway?

Hostaway is a robust vacation rental management software that provides property owners and managers with a comprehensive set of tools to streamline their operations. It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features designed to simplify the management of vacation rental properties.

What does Hostaway do?

1. Seamless Integration with OTAs

Hostaway allows users to easily manage their listings across multiple channels, such as Airbnb,, and Vrbo. This feature eliminates the need to manually update listings on each platform, saving time and ensuring consistency.

2. Real-time calendar management

Hostaway’s calendar synchronization feature ensures that availability and rates are automatically updated across all integrated booking platforms. This prevents double bookings and keeps property information up to date.

3. Automated messaging system

Hostaway offers automated messaging capabilities, allowing users to set up pre-defined templates for guest communication. This feature saves hosts valuable time by automatically sending messages for booking confirmations, check-in instructions, and check-out reminders.

4. Reporting and analytics

Reporting and Analytics: Hostaway provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, allowing hosts to gain insights into their property performance. Users can track key metrics, such as occupancy rates, revenue, and guest reviews, to make data-driven decisions.

6. Direct booking site builder

Hostaway offers a direct booking website builder specifically designed for vacation rental businesses. Instead of starting from scratch, our website templates simplify the design, organization, and formatting process. You can easily upload your content and pictures and set up connections to booking portals, payment gateways, and more.

How much does Hostaway cost?

Hostaway does not provide a transparent pricing model. It is based on the number of properties managed and the specific services required. The setup fee ranges from $100 to $500, while the monthly fee typically starts at $40 per listing, with a minimum of $20 per unit per month.

Hostaway also offers customizable plans with pay-per-booking options, allowing for flexibility as your property management company grows.

It’s important to note that Hostaway does not offer a free trial, but you can schedule a demo call to discuss with their sales team and explore the opportunity for a paid trial.

When it comes to choosing the best Property Management System (PMS) for your vacation rental business, both Hostex and Hostaway offer valuable features and benefits.

Hostaway, with its longer tenure in the market, provides a comprehensive range of features and functionalities. While the pricing may be higher and require negotiation, it is well-suited for larger property management companies that require advanced tools and scalability.

On the other hand, Hostex stands out for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and the convenience of a fantastic mobile app. With a significantly lower price point, approximately 90% cheaper than Hostaway, Hostex is an excellent choice for vacation rental owners of all sizes.

Consider the specific needs, budget, and scale of your vacation rental business when making your decision, and choose the PMS that best suits your requirements and helps you achieve success in the competitive vacation rental market.