What Do You Need to Know About the Agoda Connection with Hostex?

By linking Agoda listings to Hostex, you can manage the availability and price of these listings in Hostex’s calendar.

How to connect an Agoda account to Hostex?

  1. Send the name and number of your hotel to Agoda’s customer service or business manager.
  2. Tell them that you need to “Connect to CM Hostex“.
  3. After it’s done, go to the Channel Manager on the Dashboard.
  4. Click the  button to Add an Agoda account.
  5. Click Next to complete the connection.

What Do You Need to Know About the Agoda Connection with Hostex?

When you log into the Agoda website, you will automatically jump to the homes platform, but the homes platform does not display the rataplan of listings, and you cannot manage and operate the rateplan on it.

Hostex is authorized by Agoda’s official API to manage the rateplans of a listing, i.e., the ones displayed and managed in the Hostex calendar are rataplans.

So, it is possible that the availabilities you see in the homes platform are not consistent with Hostex, which does not mean that there is a synchronization error.

You will need to check and manage the rate plans of your listings via Agoda’s official YCS management platform.

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