What Do You Need to Know About the VRBO Connection with Hostex?

By linking Agoda listings to Hostex, you can manage the availability and price of these listings in Hostex’s calendar.

How to connect an Agoda account to Hostex?

  1. Go to the Channel Manager on the Dashboard.
  2. Click the  button to Add a VRBO account.
  3. Click Next to complete the connection.

How can I set up the booking rules and availability settings for a VRBO listing?

Hostex offers seamless connections to your VRBO accounts. You can easily manage your VRBO listings’ settings on Hostex.

To do it,

  1. Go to the Properties feature.
  2. Click on the room linked with VRBO listing(s).
  3. On the right-hand side, you will find all the listings in this room.
  4. Click on the listing you want to edit.

And then you can set up the following settings or rules:

Pricing, which includes:

  • Base Price
  • Night-of-week pricing
  • Weekend Price
  • Weekly discount (%)
  • Monthly discount (%)
  • Security deposit
  • Price per extra person
  • Cleaning Fee

Booking settings, which include:

  • Check-in start time
  • Check-in end time
  • Check-out end time
  • Instant booking
  • Number of guests permitted

Availability settings, which include:

  • Number of minimum stay nights
  • Advanced notice for an incoming reservation
  • Dates you can accept bookings
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