How to integrate PriceLabs with Hostex?

The integration with PriceLabs, a dynamic pricing software, allows you to apply suggested pricing strategies and minimum stay rules across all the connected channels: Airbnb, Agoda, Vrbo, and

PriceLabs is perfect for managing vacation and short-term rentals’ prices and availability, based on data-driven insight, automation rules, and customization.

Note: To complete the integration, you need a working PriceLabs account.

How to import Hostex listings to PriceLabs?

Before connecting, make sure that the properties you manage in Hostex have accurate geographical locations. This information is crucial for Pricelabs to generate accurate pricing suggestions and availability settings. You can set up the location of properties in Check-in Guide settings.

And now, follow these steps to start using the integration.

  1. On your PriceLabs dashboard, click on the blue ‘Add your listings’ button. Select Hostex from the drop-down menu and click on the ‘Connect with Hostex ’ button.
  2. Go to Hostex Website Settings, and switch to “Integration”.
  3. Click “Get Started” and enter your PriceLabs account to complete the connection.
  4. Click “Add Listings” on the Hostex site, and grant PriceLabs access to every property that you want PriceLabs to manage.
  5. After allowing access, you will see the notification that your PriceLabs account is successfully connected to Hostex and your Hostex listings will appear on your PriceLabs dashboard.
  6. Go to your PriceLabs dashboard, check if you are satisfied with your recommended rates, toggle on the switch sync in PriceLabs and wait for the regular nightly sync, or click on the ‘Sync now!’ button to send your rates and min stay settings to Hostex.

Once the initial sync is successfully completed and PriceLabs’ rates and minimum stay rules have been shared with Hostex, you can see them in the Hostex Price Calendar.

Note that PriceLabs rates and minimum stay rules get synchronized to Hostex every 4 hours. The frequency of the sync processes is regulated by PriceLabs and cannot be adjusted manually on Hostex.

If you are experiencing any issues with price synchronization, you can contact the PriceLabs support team.