How to Integrate Smart Lock Systems with Hostex?

By integrating your smart lock systems account with Hostex, you can automate access to your smart locks and garage doors for multiple properties and enhance your security — all while saving time and resources.

We currently support systems such as Seaweed Intelligence. You can learn more about the devices on Seaweed Systems’ website.

How do I integrate my Hostex account with Seaweed System?

Important note: To complete the integration, you need a working Seaweed System account.

Step1. Modify the door lock name

Modify the room names in the Seaweed System to be the same as the names of Hostex’s properties, so that the system can pair up automatically.

Step2. Integrate the smart lock accounts with Hostex

Add the smart lock account in Hostex.

Settings – Smart Lock

Once the account is connected, the list of locks will be retrieved automatically and paired with your Hostex’s properties.

How to set up the door lock password?

① Automatic setting

The paired smart locks will automatically generate a password for each reservation.

  • Password generation time: Between 5:00~8:00 on the day before the check-in date.
  • Password validity period: 00:00~12:00 on the check-in date.
  • Password visibility time: Set in the global information of the property (as below).

② Manual setting

You can also fill in the password for a reservation manually.

How does the guest receive the password?

The password will be displayed in the “Check-in Guide” sent to the guest.

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