How to Use the Check-in Guide?

Via the check-in guide, guests can easily be informed of all the information from check-in to check-out, such as an address, lock code, WiFi password, check-out time, etc. , you can also collect deposits through it.

This feature can reduce a lot of workload for hosts in repeated inquiries.

How to Set Up the Check-in Guide?

1. Set check-in info of a property

  1. Go to the SettingsCheck-in Guide section.
  2. Click on a property.
  3. Fill in all the check-in information your guests need to know about.
  4. Click the button to Save.

2. Global Settings

Global information is the generic default setting for all properties within the Hostex system.

It includes information such as the general address, welcome message, landlord’s phone number, ID registration requirements, lock code visible time, etc.

Note: When the info on property conflicts with the global info, the property info will prevail and be sent to the guest.

How to Send the Check-in Guide to Guests?

1. Sending manually

Click “Check-in Guide” on the reservation details page to select a way to send the check-in guide to the guest.

2. Sending automatically

  • Click the Automated Messaging in the Automation section.
  • Click the button to create a new tule.
  • Create a Reservation or Check-in Info trigger.
  • Save your rule.


1. Hostex supports synchronizing guest messages from Airbnb,, and VRBO.

2. If a reservation is made on the same day as the check-in date, any automated message rules within 3 days before the check-in date will be triggered.

3. The time of automation is determined by the property’s time zone.

4. If the guest has never sent you a message, the channels do not allow sending messages to guests through third-party platforms, so the auto-message you set on Hostex cannot be sent, you need to go to the channel site and initiate a conversation first.