How to Set an Auto-reply?

Effective and fast communication is essential to renting out your property successfully. Guests expect prompt replies to questions and queries, and the speed of hosts’ responses will directly impact the ranking of their listings.

With Hostex’s smart messaging system, you could automate up to 70% of your daily communication work.

How to set an auto-reply?

  1. Click the Auto-response in the Automation section.
  2. Click the button to create a rule.
  3. Create an AI Recognition or Keyword Matching rule.
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Important Notes.

  • When you set a delayed sending message rule, If there are other replies during the delayed period, it will no longer be sent.
  • When auto-reply is enabled, if multiple rules are hit, the system will only choose one rule randomly to execute.
  • You can click the “Test this rule” button to check the accuracy of the AI Recognition while setting the inquiry question.

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