Why Are The Reservations Not Synced to Hostex?

There are several possible scenarios if your channel listing is booked but the reservation is not shown on the Calendar of Hostex.

1. Unconnected channel accounts or listings

You should go to the Channel Manager to confirm the connection status of your account, and then check if the listings are linked with properties.

2. Conflicted reservations

A conflicting reservation will not be shown in the Calendar but will go to the Reservation Box.

You can go to the detail page to see the list of conflicting reservations, or click the button to Allocate Room for it.

3. Out of time range

The Calendar page only shows reservations for 1 year before and after.

To check reservations outside this time frame, you must go to Reservations on the dashboard.

4. Reservations before connecting Airbnb to Hostex

Due to privacy policy restrictions of Airbnb, it does not allow the synchronization of completed reservations before your listing connection.

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