How Do I Restore Reservations After Deleting A Property?

Once a property is deleted, reservations that previously belonged to this property will be affected.

  • These reservations will no longer be displayed on the Calendar page.
  • These reservations will still be displayed on the Reservations page, but they will not belong to any particular room.
  • If you delete a property by mistake, you can manually change rooms to reallocate these reservations.
  • Deleting rooms will not affect revenue statistics.

If a property is deleted by mistake.

You can re-allocate the reservation on the website.

Create a new property and complete the linking of channel listings.

② Go to the Reservation page and select “deleted properties“.

③ Click the “Bulk select” button in the upper right corner to bulk select the reservations.

④ Click the Change Room button and move them to the new property.