How Do I Restore Reservations After Deleting A Property?

Once a property is deleted, reservations that previously belonged to this property will be affected.

  • These reservations will no longer be displayed on the Calendar page.
  • These reservations will still be displayed on the Reservations page, but they will not belong to any particular room.
  • If you delete a property by mistake, you can manually change rooms to reallocate these reservations.
  • Deleting rooms will not affect revenue statistics.

If a property is deleted by mistake.

You can re-allocate the reservation on the website.

  1. Create a new property and complete the linking of channel listings.

2. Go to the Dashboard and click on View all reservation.

3. Filtering ‘Deleted properties‘ in the Property filter.

4. Select the reservations and Change room for them.

① Only properties without pending or in-house reservations can be deleted. Before deleting, you need to move those reservations to other properties or to the reservation box.

② Please note that you should only delete a property if it is no longer under your management. Deleting a property in any other situation will only cause reservation confusion and will not solve any issues you may encounter.