How Can I Link Listings to Hostex?

Why Do I Need to Link Listings?

Hostex helps to merge your listings from different booking platforms and helps you run them as one property.

Similarly, Hostex can manage several listings from the same channel. For example, if you have listed one property on multiple Airbnb accounts, you can then unite all of them under one property.

When there is a booking for one channel listing, all the linked listings will be blocked automatically.

How Do I Link Listings to Hostex?

There are 2 prerequisites before linking listings:

You should link those separate listings to Hostex’s PROPERTIES you created,

and the muti-inventory listings to ROOM TYPES.

Steps of link listings:

  1. Go to Channel Manager on the dashboard.
  2. Switch to the Listing Linking view.
  3. Select the listings you want to link.
  4. Link it to a property or a room type.
  5. Save your linkings.

Ensure that the channel icon on the property is lit, this indicates that the binding was successful.

Do you know?

With Hostex, you can set up an Airbnb listing as multiple inventories and easily sync it with other channel listings.

Enabling multi-inventory for an Airbnb listing is very simple:

  • Switch to the list of linked listings in Channel Manager.
  • Select a listing you want to link.
  • Link it to a room type.

Once the linking is done, the inventory for this Airbnb listing is equal to the number of Properties included in that room type.

Note that if your listing is listed in Airbnb by selecting types of places as “Entire place”, you will not be able to enable multiple inventories.