How Do I Set Up My Property?

After integrating your OTA (Online Travel Agency) accounts with Hostex, you can link listings from different platforms with properties or room types in Hostex, to achieve synchronized management of the multi-channel calendar.

What Is A Property?

A “property” is a unit that you rent in real life. It is the basic unit in Hostex for managing listings from multiple channels.

How to create a property?

  1. Go to the Properties section.
  2. Clickthe “+” button to create a new property.
  3. Link listings to a property.
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What Is A Room Type?

A “Room Type” contains multiple properties with the same layout – the number of properties it contains is the maximum inventory for that room type.

If you are selling a listing that has more than 1 inventory, then you can use the room type to manage the listings from muti-channels.

How to create a room type?

  1. Go to the Properties page and switch to the Room Types list.
  2. Click [+] button to create a new room type.
  3. Link listings to a room type.
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How to add/remove property in the room type?

Click on a room type and click the Edit button, then you can add or remove properties in it to suit your business.

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