How Do I Set the Base Price and Weekend Price?

Within every Property Details, you can adjust base and weekend prices:

  • The Base Price is the default daily price for the listing.
  • The Weekend Price is the default price for weekend nights.

To set base or weekend prices:

  1. Go to the Properties page.
  2. Click a property to get into its detail page.
  3. Set Prices in its Pricing&Rules section.

When you set base and weekend prices of a property, they will be synced across all channels, until you change the pricing in the Calendar.


The pricing priority is Calendar Price > Weekend Price > Base Price. If the calendar price is modified, the weekend price and the base price will be overwritten.

Furthermore, if you manually modify the prices in the calendar, and then make changes to the base price or weekend price, the calendar price will still take effect as it has the highest priority.