Why Does The Calendar Fail To Sync?

When you encounter an availability sync exception, you should go to the top of the Hostex Calendar page and click the ↻ button to see the reason for the failed task.

You may also check and resolve the problem by following instructions.

1. Tasks Failed

When Hostex synchronizes availability to the channel, the tasks may fail for many reasons, you can check the details in the Failed Tasks, check the reason for the task failure and fix it, and then try to resend the request by clicking the [Retry] button.

2. Changed the availability on the channel website

Changes made on the channel’s website will not be automatically reflected in Hostex’s Calendar, so it is important to manage the availability in Hostex.

If you have already done that, go to Hostex’s calendar, click on the dates that have red exclamation marks, and Close them again.

3. Unconnected channel accounts or listings

You should go to the Channel Manager to confirm the connection status of your account, and then check if the listings are linked with properties.

Moreover, if a listing linked to Hostex has been downlisted from the channel website, please unlink this listing from Hostex.

4. Availability changing before using Hostex

The availability of existing reservations will be synchronized when you link channel listings to Hostex, but the availability that was manually changed before using Hostex will not be synced, you need to change them manually.